AdWords For eCommerce

AdWords for eCommerce can be scary. Many people try it and convince themselves the expense is just too much or they never make a single sale after all their efforts.

We’ve taken the scary out of it in our AdWords for eCommerce course. Follow along as we show you how WE decide what we are willing to pay for each sale and how to put a leash on the AdWords beast!

From account setup to advanced campaign tactics, this 11 module course covers it all.

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Here’s the course Overview

What’s Included?

An eleven module, seventy-eight video, step-by-step course on AdWords for eCommerce store owners. We walk you through building out a perfect eCommerce AdWords strategy to bring in new visitors and convert them into customers at a profit.

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If you're looking for motivational speeches and screenshots of what you "could" be doing, look somewhere else! Each of these courses is packed with actionable, valuable content, strategies, and tips. Our goal is to deliver everything you need and more to make your current eCommerce business a success.

Detailed Course Breakdown

Module 1 - Introduction to AdWords

Using AdWords effectively starts with understanding the parts. This module walks you through AdWords from start to finish.

Module 2 - Getting Started

Learn how to build a foundation for your AdWords efforts. from setting up accounts to conversion pixels, this module will help get things setup.

Module 3 - Shopping Feeds

In order to advertise products from our eCommerce site, we need to set up our product feeds. This module covers everything you need to know on the subject.

Module 4 - The Upside Down Funnel

Learn the upside down funnel method to setting up Product Listing Ads

Module 5 - Setting Up PLA Campaigns

Start to finish, everything you need to know about product listing ads can be found here.

Module 6 - Setting up Search Text Ads

How to set up proper search text ads and some of the common ways we use them for our eCommerce sites.

Module 7 - Setting up Dynamic Remarketing

How to set up and use remarketing ads for your eCommerce site.

Module 8 - Optimizing AdWords Campaigns

Getting your paid ads running is just a starting point. In order to ensure they perform at a profit means you need to optimize them as you go. This module covers optimization strategies and tips.

Module 9 - Advanced Campaign Types

This module covers some advanced AdWords campaign types and how we use them in our own businesses.

Module 10 - Bing Ads

What’s a good AdWords course without some bing ads how to’s? In this module, we take you through setting up and using Bing Ads

Module 11 - Bonus Inverted Funnel

This module takes you step-by-step into setting up the inverted funnel method for product listing ads.

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