Coaching and mentorship is one of the secret keys to eCommerce success. Working with a coach can literally 10x your progress as they use their years of experience to help you navigate pitfalls and get your best plays happening quicker. Our coaching program is the perfect complement to our course material.

Coaching FAQ

Coaching can be a new experience for many people so we’ve put together some of the commonly asked questions about our coaching program. If you don’t get the answers you need here head over to our Contact page and get in touch.

How are coaching sessions conducted?

We generally run our coaching sessions via Skype or phone. Skype session can be either video or just audio at your choice. Keep in mind, if you would like us to assess your ad accounts we will need the capability to screen share with you. We are always happy to use other video services like Google Hangouts as well if this is more convenient.

I purchased a package. Will my sessions ever expire?

No way! Once you buy sessions you own them for life. They don’t expire. Ever.

Does coaching guarantee success?

No. Your coach will work with you to develop winning strategies for your business and guide you in their implementation. At the end of the day though it will be up to you to play the game. How you play the game will determine whether you find success or not.

How long are coaching sessions?

Our coaching sessions are based on 1 hour blocks. At request however we are always more than happy to take requests to break these into half hour sessions or longer sessions if that suits you. Generally we find 1 hour sessions to be the optimal length.

Are coaching sessions confidential?

Absolutely. Whatever you discuss with you coach is strictly between you and them. Our coaches won’t discuss the content of your sessions or your business with anyone else. Coaching only works well when there is trust and we respect that.

What can coaching sessions cover?

Our coaching sessions can cover anything ecommerce related. Our coaches have many years experience managing their own ecommerce businesses and have experienced the full journey that an ecommerce business owner goes through. While our courses cover specific topics our coaching sessions can be much broader if you need it.

Need to train your team?

If you’ve got a team or are part of a group that needs ecommerce marketing training we’re here for you. We can produce custom ecommerce training for groups that can be delivered online or face to face. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and what we can do for you.

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