Data Analytics for eCommerce

Scaling an eCommerce site is a continuous process and knowing what the next step is can be tricky. It becomes a whole lot less tricky when you use the data your site is collecting already to make data-backed decisions instead of guessing.


Think of your eCommerce site as a puzzle, the more pieces you put together, the more you understand what the big picture looks like. The Data Analytics for eCommerce course can help you connect the pieces of information on your own eCommerce site and give you a look at the bigger picture!

The Data Analytics for eCommerce Course will walk you step-by-step through collecting, cleaning, and utilizing your data so you can start systematically growing your business today.

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Here’s the course Overview

What’s Included?

Ten modules, twenty-nine videos, and multiple downloads that walk you by the hand through planning, collecting, filtering, and using your collected data to scale your eCommerce store in a predictable and repeatable way.

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If you're looking for motivational speeches and screenshots of what you "could" be doing, look somewhere else! Each of these courses is packed with actionable, valuable content, strategies, and tips. Our goal is to deliver everything you need and more to make your current eCommerce business a success.

Detailed Course Breakdown

Module 1 - Planning

You will learn how to create an effective data analytics and execution plan. Knowing where you are going before starting the journey makes things so much easier!

Module 2 - Data Collection

Discover what data you should be collecting, how to ensure it’s reliable, and how to begin collecting it.

Module 3 - Understanding Your Data

Having all this new information at your fingertips is pretty awesome, but it’s wasted effort if you don’t understand what any of it means. This module will help you with that.

Module 4 - Extracting Your Data

Collecting and understanding data is vital, but in this module, we dive deeper into how you can extract and organize your data to make it useful.

Module 5 - Business Growth Phase #1

Sustainable Business growth starts at the beginning of your buyer’s journey. This module looks at data we can use to scale this part of your business and how to take action on it.

Module 6 - Business Growth Phase #2

It’s time to make sure we keep moving the customers towards a purchase by scaling the middle of the buyer’s journey. This module will help you understand the middle of your buyer’s journey and give you the data needed to take action and grow this stage.

Module 7 - Business Growth Phase #3

The most popular phase of the buyer’s journey is the bottom or purchase phase. Now that we have a solid foundation, we can focus on growing this stage where the money starts changing hands!

Module 8 - Business Growth Phase #4

Your buyer’s journey does not have to end after they make a purchase! This module will show you ways to turn customers into advocates for your business and truly begin to grow your brand.

Module 9 - Bonus Reports, Dashboards, & Alerts

I’m giving you some of our most used custom reports, dashboards, and alerts to use in your own eCommerce stores!

Module 10 - Predictive Analytics

If you know where you’ve been, sometimes you can see into the future and know where you’re going! In this module, we cover predictive analytics.

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