Email Marketing For eCommerce

Regardless of what you hear online, email marketing for eCommerce is far from dead.

On average, email converts at ten times higher rates than traditional marketing efforts.

Join us in our Email Marketing for eCommerce course and see how we turn email addresses into money!

Here’s the course Overview

What’s Included?

A ten module, thirty-three videos, step-by-step course for eCommerce store owners. We walk you through the basics all the way to the advanced concepts, techniques, and templates for successful email marketing for eCommerce sites.

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If you're looking for motivational speeches and screenshots of what you "could" be doing, look somewhere else! Each of these courses is packed with actionable, valuable content, strategies, and tips. Our goal is to deliver everything you need and more to make your current eCommerce business a success.

Detailed Course Breakdown

Module 1 - Why Email Marketing is Important

You’ll learn why email marketing is still important in the eCommerce world.

Module 2 - Email Fundamentals

Dive into the fundamentals of email marketing for eCommerce.

Module 3 - Copywriting 101

Copywriting 101 teaches you the dos and don’ts of email copywriting for eCommerce.

Module 4 - Email Autoresponders

How to choose the right email autoresponder and a look at what we use for our own eCommerce sites.

Module 5 - Email Tracking and Analytics

Learn how to track and analyze the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Module 6 - Email Easy Wins

We cover some easy wins and templated emails every eCommerce site should be taking advantage of.

Module 7 - Email List Building 101

Learn how to build and maintain a “Profitable” list of emails.

Module 8 - Email Funnels

We’re handing over some basic to advanced email funnel templates we use in our own eCommerce businesses.

Module 9 - Email List Segmentation

Learn about email list segmentation and discover some of the effective eCommerce segments we use.

Module 10 - Wrap Up

Course wrap up

Helping eCommerce business owners grow their business. Join us today.

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