Facebook Groups For eCommerce

Using a Facebook group to scale your eCommerce store is a great way to increase sales, engage with your customers, and drive new customers to your site!

Check out our six-module course that covers start to finish how we utilize Facebook groups to help grow our own brands.

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Here’s the course Overview

What’s Included?

A six module, thirty-three video, step-by-step course for eCommerce store owners. We walk you through building out an engaged facebook group in your industry and how to utilize it to grow your brand.

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If you're looking for motivational speeches and screenshots of what you "could" be doing, look somewhere else! Each of these courses is packed with actionable, valuable content, strategies, and tips. Our goal is to deliver everything you need and more to make your current eCommerce business a success.

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Detailed Course Breakdown

Module 1 - Introduction to FB Groups

Learn the pros and cons of groups vs pages and why we love using Facebook Groups to grow our brands.

Module 2 - Getting Started

Building the foundation for your group. From getting set up to welcoming your new members.

Module 3 - Growing Engagement & Your Group Pt. 1

Part one of growing your group and engaging with your future customers.

Module 4 - Growing Your Engagement & Group Pt. 2

Part 2 of growing your group and engaging with your future customers

Module 5 - As You Grow

Things to consider as you grow and how to handle the growing pains.

Module 6 - Monetization

How to turn your members into customers the right way.

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