Are You Ready to Master AdWords for eCommerce?

Let's make it happen. You've got a bunch of customers itching to spend money on your eCommerce store and we want to help you find them.

So instead of rummaging around blogs and videos for the next six months, join me in the AdWords for eCommerce course and make this year your most profitable year yet!

If you run an eCommerce site (ANY eCommerce Site), and you are not using AdWords profitably, you need this course.

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Let Me Tell You a Secret About AdWords

You might already be following advice that has failure built in.

If you are taking advice about AdWords from Google or anyone associated with Google, you are almost certainly paying more for your ads than you should be AND making less profit than you could be. (If you are profitable at all!)

So... here's the secret... NEVER trust Google reps, videos, articles, or content about how you should be running your ads. The results will not be in your favor.

This is where our course AdWords for eCommerce can help put money back in your pocket instead of Google's pocket.

Why "AdWords for eCommerce" is Different From Other Courses

We teach strategies, and tactics based on what we do ourselves. 

Rather than teach theory based on what we learned somewhere else, we teach what we already know is working because we do it ourselves in our own eCommerce sites.

That's right, we are eCommerce site owners and use what we teach daily. We are right there in the trenches with you!


I was doing NOTHING right! After taking the course I was getting traffic and sales within days and was profitable in two weeks! I highly recommend this course.

Dimity L.


Using the AdWords for eCommerce course, I was able to take my average CPC down to just $0.12 while still sending hundreds of targeted visitors to my site daily.

Zach V. 


I didn't even know what I didn't know. Thank you so much! The over the shoulder

walk-through sessions were invaluable and I just followed right along for my own store. This has made a huge difference in my dropshipping adventure.

John M.

Things eCommerce Store Owners Often Say About AdWords

#1 - I don't have the budget for that or "It's too expensive".

That's because you are doing it wrong! Don't let Google decide what keywords to send to your products, don't let Google decide how much you spend, don't let Google decide anything! You make the rules.

#2 - It's too complicated, I'll just hire it out.

Ok, AdWords CAN be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. We use a step-by-step teaching approach to simplify and speed up learning. You'll be setting up your ads within the first day.

As to hiring it out, That's a fine plan... AFTER you learn it.


Ad agencies charge you based on what you spend on ads each month. AKA: it's in their best interest to spend as much of your money as possible while staying mildly profitable doing it so they can keep the job.

If you don't know how to spot what's right and what's wrong at least at a basic level, you should take this course FIRST, then hire an agency.

Here's What You Get When You Buy the AdWords for eCommerce Course

AdWords for eCommerce is an online course. After your purchase, you will be able to log in to an online dashboard where you can access the course material which consists of:

Video Lessons

Free Downloads


Community Support

The AdWords for eCommerce course is divided into 8 modules of content, with video lessons, resources and tool recommendations in each one. Every module provides you with further instruction to help you create, monitor, optimize, and scale your AdWords efforts into a profit driving traffic channel for your eCommerce site.

The Introduction

There's more to this intro than meets the eye. We'll explore the platform and discuss what can be done for your store.

Getting Started

What needs to be set up and how to do it. external accounts and linking. How to prepare your account for success.

Shopping Feeds

Before you can send ads to your products, you need to send Google a product feed. This module tells you how.

Product Listing Ads

Learn how to set up product listing ads the RIGHT way and you decide what shows, when, for what keywords, and for how much!

Search Text Ads

You've probably lost money here before. Now learn when to use this ad type, whey to use it, and how to do it right.


If you did nothing else in this course but master remarketing, you will increase your profits this year and for many more.

Optimizing and Scaling

Learn to use the data you get back in order to optimize and scale ads for higher profits and cheaper ads.

Advanced AdWords

Learn about some advanced campaign types, tips, tricks, and tactics to give you an even bigger edge over your competition.


Members Only Community

Access to our members only community full of other eCommerce site owners ready to network and help each other grow.

Direct Support

If you run into troubles, rest assured you have our direct support via the community and email. our staff is ready to help.

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Get it now for only $297

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