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Join Data Analytics for eCommerce and learn how to grow your eCommerce store month after month. No guessing, no gut feelings, just data backed decisions guaranteed to move you in the right direction.

Never again guess what your eCommerce business needs next. Learn to use the data you already have to improve your bottom line each and every month.

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You Have a Real Live Magic 8-Ball for Your Business and You Are Not Using It!

What if you could literally ask your business questions and get answers that help you make more money?

You Can! - You already have the answers too. Now all you need to do is learn how to ask the right questions and retrieve the answers in a way that allows you to use the information to grow. That's where we come in!

What Makes "Data Analytics for eCommerce" Different From Other Courses

Probably the most obvious thing that sets us apart is the fact that there are no other data analytics courses gear SPECIFICALLY to eCommerce. 

Sure there are other analytics courses, but we don't care about tracking real-estate leads, we live and breath eCommerce and our courses reflect that!

Data Analytics for eCommerse is one of the most valuable courses I’ve taken. After spending most of my time shooting blindly at things I ‘thought’ may improve my business I can now rely on data to show me what’s working, what’s not and most importantly what I should do next.

Matt Scott

Loved this course. I completed it within a day and applied the techniques learnt at the same time. I'm looking forward to now being able to read my data and grow my business further.

Dimity L.

Here's What You Get When You Buy the Data Analytics for eCommerce Course

Data Analytics for eCommerce is an online course. After you purchase, you will be able to log into an online dashboard where you can access the course material which consists of:

Video Lessons

Free Downloads


Community Support

The Data Analytics for eCommerce course is divided into 10 modules of content, with video lessons, resources and tool recommendations in each one. Every module provides you with further instruction to help you ask the right questions of your business data, learn to dig out the answers, and how to use those answers to grow your profit.

Analytics Planning

Start with a plan and learn to approach your data in a new way.

Data Collection

Learn to set your accounts up properly and get clean usable data from several sources.

Understand Your Data

Overview of data analytics definitions, formulas, and menus so you have a solid foundation to build.

Extracting Your Data

Learn to get your data out of the mess. We'll talk about audiences, segments, reports, dashboards, and alerts.

Business Growth #1

Explore where your traffic comes from to start growing your eCommerce site in phase 1.

Business Growth #2

Explore how your customers behave to start growing your eCommerce site in phase 2.

Business Growth #3

Explore how each revenue channel performs to start growing your eCommerce site in phase 3.

Business Growth #4

Explore who your customers are and how to speak with them to start growing your eCommerce site in phase 4.

Bonus Reports & Such

We cover several bonus reports, dashboards, and alerts we currently use in our own stores.

Predictive Analytics

Learn about the power of predictive analytics for your business and what it means to you.

Members Only Community

Gain access to our members only community full of other eCommerce site owners ready to network & help each other grow.

Direct Support

If you run into troubles, rest assured you have our direct support via the community and email. Our staff is ready to help.

Click the button below to reserve your spot in our Data Analytics for eCommerce Course:

Get it now for only $297

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