The Perfect eCommerce Product Page

Got traffic but no conversions?

One of the biggest influences on eCommerce conversion rates is the product page. This is often your customer’s entry point to your site, so it needs to be on point!

Think of your product page as a little salesman. He can do all the heavy lifting for you but he needs the right training. Without the right training, he can’t sell.

Through our 20+ combined years of eCommerce experience, we have developed a formula for eCommerce product pages that convert predictably. Now it’s your chance to get the winning formula.

The Perfect eCommerce Product Page Course will walk you step-by-step through creating a highly converting product page.

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Here’s the course Overview

What’s Included?

A six pillar, fifteen videos, step-by-step course for eCommerce store owners. We walk you through building out a perfect eCommerce product page that converts your visitors into customers.

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If you're looking for motivational speeches and screenshots of what you "could" be doing, look somewhere else! Each of these courses is packed with actionable, valuable content, strategies, and tips. Our goal is to deliver everything you need and more to make your current eCommerce business a success.

Detailed Course Breakdown

Pillar 1 - Trust

You will learn how to develop trust in your product page and business. Customers need to trust you before they will buy.

Pillar 2 - Urgency

Developing urgency on your product page is a finely balanced art. Too much and you will push people away. Just right and your conversion rate will increase. Learn urgency the right way.

Pillar 3 - Simplicity

A product page that is easy to understand and use is key, but you still need to provide all of the nescessary information. You will learn how to construct an easy to use product page that gives the customer what they need to make a decision and nothing more. No fluff!

Pillar 4 - Structure

There’s winning structures and there’s product page structures that just plain don’t work. You will learn the correct way to structure your product page so that your customer can understand what they are being presented and make the right decision.

Pillar 5 - Proof

Social proof is a huge driver for ecommerce conversions. Up to 70% of your customers will factor reviews and other social proof into their buying decision. You will learn how to develop solid social proof for your products.

Pillar 6 - In and Out

It’s all about the In & Out. Removing obstacles to customers entering and exiting your site makes it easier for them to make a purchase decision and take action. You will learn about the common entry and exit obstacles and how to make sure your customers don’t experience them.

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