Watch Us Build a Shopify Dropshipping Business Step by Step

by | Nov 30, 2017

If you’re interested in building your first Shopify drop shipping business or eCommerce site, or you’ve tried before and failed, then you know there’s a guru on every corner of the web giving you tips, tricks, and strategies on how you should move forward. What you won’t often find is someone willing to throw back the curtains and let you watch as they build one of their own real live, operational store.

Sure they may show you some demo sites, they might even let you watch as they put them together and then let them sit vacant, but what about the rest of the journey? That’s where we come in!

Ben and Cory are going to walk you through building your first dropshipping business step by step. Watch as we build our very own, real dropshipping eCommerce site!

What Are We Planning To Do About It?

This is where things get interesting! Easy eCommerce Wins has decided to throw back the curtains and let everyone watch as we build our next live dropshipping store. This is not going to be a demo store, it’s a real live, made for profit, operational eCommerce shop.

You can listen to our latest Podcast below as Cory and Ben discuss the Easy eCommerce Wins launch and dive into the idea and concept behind this store build.

Check out the Podcast Here!

Are We Qualified To Do This?

Great question! Ben and Cory have owned and operated over a dozen successful eCommerce stores and to this day continue to develop thriving eCommerce sites. Put simply, it’s what we do and how we make a living for our families.

Cory is a lifelong entrepreneur with a passion for eCommerce. Having built more than a dozen eCommerce businesses, he has become an expert at traffic generation and online marketing. With a sharp focus on White Hat SEO, Cory has mastered traffic strategies that will bring him traffic for years to come in his online businesses.

Ben is an eCommerce expert and business coach who built and sold his first eCommerce store in just 8 months. After seeing the scalability of this model, he worked hard at learning sustainable traffic methods with which to build a solid foundation for building more eCommerce businesses. Ben quickly built a passion for online marketing and an eagerness to share what is working with as many people as possible.

Why Would We Do This And Why For FREE?

If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re not the first. The truth is, there’s a need for this information and there’s a severe lack of “GOOD” information out there.

From niche selection to simple day to day operations, most eCommerce sites are VERY secretive about their processes so it’s relatively difficult to find quality information about what it takes to not only build but to run an eCommerce site. We intend to fix that problem!

This Sounds Great! So What’s Next?

We’ll be covering the entire process step-by-step and documenting it in videos, blog posts, podcasts, whatever works best for relaying the information to you so you can get the most out of it. If you’re on our mailing list, you’ll get updates as each step is released. If that sounds good to you, leave us a comment below and let’s get this party started!

The Journey Begins With Niche Selection

Every new eCommerce startup has to begin by finding a product to sell.

While this concept sounds simple enough, it’s often the breaking point for many new eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Who knew that finding a niche to sell in could be such a monumental task?

Ben and I are no exception. In order to move forward with this Shopify drop shipping site, we need to first choose a niche to build our store in.

You can follow along as we show you our exact process for finding a profitable niche for a Shopify drop shipping site.

Shopify Drop Shipping Niche Selection

Soon, we’ll be revealing our niche for this build. But in the meantime, why not get started and build your own store right along with us?

The link above gives you everything you need to choose and validate your very own niche eCommerce site.

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